Diagnostic Modalities

At the Integrative Centre for Dental & Natural Health, Dr. Jacques Imbeau offers a wide range of diagnostic modalities for dental and oral health problems.

The existing paradigm is to seek medical advice when symptoms and sickness interferes with normal activities. We promote the detection and treatment of disease processes before they cause symptoms and sickness. Although we are convinced that it is a much more desirable approach, it is a new paradigm that is yet to become the norm...So we also help those who have become unwell because of oral and dental diseases or because of their existing dental work.Individuals with dissimilar metals in the mouth such as silver / mercury fillings, gold alloys, titanium, chrome cobalt, non-precious alloys, chronic dental infections, bone disorders ect....Increasingly we also see individuals who have had the metals removed randomly and replaced with materials that were not assessed for invividual biocompatibility and who have either become unwell or seen their pre-existing health problems worsen.

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