TAU | Jaw Bone Ultrasound

At the Integrative Centre for Dental & Natural Health we use sophisticated Through-transmission Alveolar Ultrasound imaging for jaw cancellous bone density assessment. TAU is based on the principle of Quantitative Ultrasound ( QUS ). An ultrasound of the jaw bone called a TAU scan or alternatively a Cavitat scan is a safe , non-invasive procedure and, unlike x-rays, it does not involve the use of ionizing radiation.

Focused diagnostics !

Assessment of oral bone density and quality is an important diagnostic modality, especially in cases of oral osteoporosis, periodontitis and other maxillofacial bones disorders. It is also very valuable in implantology.

Scientific abstract:

1: Cranio. The Journal of Craniomandibular Practice 2005 Apr;23(2):100-12.

Introduction to through-transmission alveolar ultrasonography (TAU) in dental medicine.

Imbeau J.

Integrative Centre for Dental & Natural Health - Auckland, New Zealand

Through-transmission alveolar ultrasonography (TAU) is a novel imaging modality in dental medicine. A brief introduction to through-transmission ultrasonography (TTU) is followed by a description of the first commercially available TAU device, the Cavitat CAV 4000 (Cavitat Medical Technologies, Inc., Alba, TX). Recent associations between systemic osteoporosis, oral osteoporosis, periodontal diseases, and cardiovascular diseases underline the importance of early detection and treatment of oral cancellous bone pathologies associated with low bone density (LBD), such as regional ischemic osteoporosis, chronic nonsuppurative osteomyelitis, bone marrow edema, and cavitational ischemic osteonecrosis (osteocavitation). While the impact of osteoporosis on maxillofacial bones is acknowledged, there is a lack of reliable prevalence rate, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommend that more attention should be paid to skeletal health, especially in persons with conditions known to be associated with secondary osteoporosis. TAU, a safe and effective imaging modality, can be a valuable tool in research as well as for the clinical assessment of alveolar cancellous bone pathologies associated with LBD and ischemia.

PMID: 15898566 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] CRANIO

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