Biological Dentistry

There is a growing body of scientific evidence showing that infections, toxins, and imbalances in the oral cavity and the jaw contribute to chronic illness and pain in the head, neck and other regions of the body. The field, known as biological dentistry, considers biomechanical, biochemical, bioelectrical and emotional factors all to be important in achieving overall good health and wellness.

Unlike traditional dentistry which treats only symptoms, biological dentistry gets to the root causes that contribute to trauma, irritation and toxicity.

Biological dentistry is based on the concept that all dental therapies should work in harmony with the body's natural ability to heal and repair itself.

Biological Dentistry's great contribution to health and wellness, is best summed up by Sir William Osler: "the next great advancement in medicine will come from dentists." Biological dentistry will, out of necessity, become the dental medicine of the 21st Century.


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