Dental Caries Susceptibility test

At the Integrative Centre for Dental & Natural Health we use the CariScreen™ system which is the latest development in the fight against dental caries or decay as it is more commonly known.

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You brush, floss, limit sugary foods and regularly visit your dentist, yet you might still be at risk of cavities. Why? Cavities are a symptom of tooth decay caused by a bacterial infection that is now known to be a biofilm disease.

What is biofilm disease?

Oral biofilm is a very thin, highly sophisticated film that coats the teeth and harbours bacteria. Twenty-five years of scientific research has shown that there can be several destructive bacteria that live and grow in the normal healthy oral biofilm. When these bacteria reach high levels, they cause a bacterial infection known as biofilm disease. Tooth decay and cavities are symptoms of a diseased oral biofilm. Brushing, flossing and professional cleaning are all important factors in maintaining good oral health, however they alone do not prevent biofilm disease from occurring.

Scientific studies also show that the bacterial infection from a diseased oral biofilm can be passed within the household, so it’s important that all members of the family are screened regularly and treated if needed.

If a oral bacterial infection is left untreated, progressive steps of decay can occur……….cavities form, which can lead to crowns, bridges, root canal treatment and may ultimately end up with tooth loss.

CariScreen™ Susceptibility Test

The CariScreen™ one minute test is safe, quick and painless. We will swab two of your teeth and then place the swab into the CariScreen™ meter to determine the level of decay-causing bacteria in your oral biofilm. The test measure a specific bacterial compound called ATP. The higher the level of ATP* in the sample, the higher your risk of dental caries ( decay ).

A customized oral hygiene protocol can be implemented to significantly reduce ATP levels in the microbial flora of your mouth.

*Technical: ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) bioluminescence technology is universally recognized as a valuable tool for measuring the presence of microbes. This technology is commonly used in medical, sanitation and food preparation industries for providing a means to quickly determine bacterial levels

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