Look Better The Healthy Way

" Art has been described as "the accomplice of love," and science the creative application of natural law. In tandem, these energies can be combined to produce a masterpiece.

A dazzling smile can ignite a room, projecting an image of self assurance and high personal esteem. It glows with embers of delight from an explosive source of pride. That magnificent smile is no longer a fantasy. Now it can be yours! Recent advances in techniques and materials offer modern practitioners of Aesthetic Dentistry many alternatives in the creation of brilliant smiles, bursting with energy and radiating enthusiasm. We have not yet discovered the magic wand, but we are getting closer. There are many exciting options. "

Sounds like a commercial ? Because it is. The above text was borrowed from a web site promoting Aesthetic Dentistry.

That is the positive side of Aesthetic Dentistry. The negative side is that any elective procedure done purely for aesthetic reasons has the potential to cause harm if the materials, drugs and instruments used are incompatible with your body or aggravating an existing, undiagnosed condition. For example having great looking crowns ( capped teeth ) on chronically infected teeth will do nothing to improve the problem and in some cases may make it worse or if you have oral osteoporosis, implants are not going to help.

So, YES to great looking healthy teeth and a dazzling smile. The key word being HEALTHY. Good nutrition, healthy lifestyle, healthy environment and biologically compatible health care in parents and children that have a positive attitude to life will provide healthy teeth and a great looking smile. In cases were accidents, genetics or diseases have altered that dazzling smile, aesthetic dentistry that is biologically orientated can certainly help you recover that smile..... but it should not be done without regards for one of your most precious asset, long term health. So before you undergo a purely cosmetic procedure make sure that there is no hidden price attached. Short term benefits may be overshadowed by long term problems and that can take the edge off a dazzling smile.


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