Dr. Jacques Imbeau - General Dental Practitioner with a specific interest in integrative natural health.
I am the the director of the Centre. I am a dentist and my scope of practice as a dentist is as a general dental practitioner. I graduated in 1980 with a D.M.D. ( doctorate in dental medicine ) from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Montreal, Canada, passed the New Zealand Dental Registration Examination ( NZDREX ) in 1993 at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Otago in Dunedin and gained my NZ dental registration as a general dental practitioner in early 1994 - DD2763 ( DCNZ ).

Pursuant to my specific interest in integrative and natural health care, I subsequently became registered with Natural Health Practitioners NZ as a natural medicine practitioner ( homeopathy, biochemistry and nutrition - NM2447) ( NHPNZ ) and gained my fellowship in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine ( FACNEM ) from the Australasian College of Nutrititional & Environmental Medicine and I am currently serving on the executive board of the NZ Natural Medicine Association. I am a father of three with dual New Zealand - Canadian citizenship and I have over 30 years experience in all aspects of dental and oral health and diseases, including over 15 years in advanced diagnosis and treatments of problems related to dental and oral pathologies, including oral \ dental infections, oral galvanism \ corrosion, dental material toxicity, facial pain, jaw joint and maxillofacial bones disorders, abnormal bite and nutritional imbalances resulting from such pathological conditions. Frequently these problems are linked to general health problems that can adversely affect the heart, liver, gut, nervous system, the skin and may be involved in many others problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis ect.... Increasingly dental problems and common dental procedures can impact overall health and systemic health problems can adversely impact oral health so that an integrative approach to health is indicated, both as a preventative and curative modality.

I am a certified instructor in through-transmission alveolar ultrasonography, a published author on such maxillofacial bone disorders as ischaemic bone disease and oral osteoporosis and a full professional member of the following professional bodies: Australasian College for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM), the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA), the New Zealand Natural Medicine Association (NZNMA), the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA), the Auckland Dental Association (ADA) and the International Team for Implantology (ITI)

Suzanne Thouin, B.Sc., P. Dt.

Suzanne is the clinical co-ordinator of the Centre. She graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She has over 15 years experience in dental clinical management and 5 years in hospital dietetic management. She is a professional dietician \ nutritionist and an experienced chairside dental assistant with extensive hands-on knowledge of treatments for patients suffering from health problems related to dental and oral diseases. In addition to her training as a dietician \ nutritionist, her skills are complemented by ongoing continuing education in a wide spectrum of health modalities.

Suzanne is both my sweetheart and the heart of the practice. I love her to bits ! She has the feminine touch that is so important in helping those who are doing their best to recover their health and maintain it. And yes, even if we do not have the same surname, we have been married for 30 years !

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